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CHS Welcomes Foreign Exchange Students

CHS welcomes Jiri Belohlavek from the Czech Republic, Nadja Winter from Germany, Esther So from Korea, and Frederico Lecchi from Italy.

This year CHS has the privilege of welcoming four students from around the world. Each student has come to North Carolina for an exchange program that placed them with host families in the Cuthbertson High School district. Here is their introduction to Cavs Nation!
Nadja Winter is from Berlin, Germany. She came to North Carolina to learn about a new culture, improve her English, and have fun. She has a small family back home including her mom, dad, and brother. She likes to do gymnastics and she is in Scouts. She has definitely noticed that food portions are much different in Waxhaw than those in Berlin.

Frederico Lecchi, known at Cuthbertson as “Rico,” came to North Carolina to improve his English and get a good look at a different world. He wants to go to college here one day. In Italy he left his mother, father, and sister to enter an exchange program that brought him here. He loves to play soccer. He came from a little town in Italy that is not unlike Waxhaw. To him the culture here and the social rituals are noticeably different.
Jiri Belohlavek is from the Czech Republic and came to North Carolina to improve his English and learn about the American culture. Jiri likes to go swimming and mountain biking. His hobbies include any team sport. Back home in the Czech Republic he has a mom, dad, and two younger brothers.

Esther So, from Korea, came to the United State on an exchange program for a year. She came to America to learn English, make American friends, and study the country. Esther loves to take walks, swim, and sing. Her favorite singer is Juniel (a Korean artist). She can play the flute and danso (a Korean flute). She can speak Korean, Chinese, and English.

We would like to extend a huge Cavalier welcome to each of these students!

Written by: CHS Senior Katelyn Brock
Posted: Sep 17, 2013 by Paula White

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