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Yearbook wants your photos!

Senior Katie Mullis uses the free ReplayIt app for iPhone to view photos submitted for possible publication in the 2014 yearbook.

The Forest Hills High Yearbook Staff has an exciting proposition for you. You can contribute pictures to the yearbook and digital time capsule and view the pictures others have submitted, all by downloading a free app to your phone or by accessing a website. What better way to make sure that the memories important to you are preserved for years to come?

Students, teachers, and parents are invited to share and view Forest Hills' photos by going to ReplayIt.com or by downloading the free ReplayIt app available for iPhone and Android. This website is the home for all of the photos from the school year taken by anyone who wants to contribute. The photos can then be used in the yearbook and stored in the digital time capsule where they'll become part of the school's history. Anyone who buys a yearbook also receives access to the digital time capsule and will be able to see all the extra photos that were uploaded on ReplayIt!

The yearbook staff is enthusiastic about how ReplayIt can make this year's yearbook a true reflection of the school year and of the Forest Hills student body. Senior staffer Katie Edwards said, "ReplayIt is an exciting way to keep the whole student body involved in the production of our yearbook! Everyone participating gets to submit pictures to be selected from for the yearbook staff to use in the book. It is a great way to get everyone involved."

So far, students, teachers, and parents seem to be responding to the call. Lots of good pictures are already there, and there's a whole lot of school year left for more memories. With everyone contributing, the 2013-14 yearbook should be the best ever.




Written by: Katie Edwards, Senior Yearbook Staff Member
Posted: Sep 18, 2013 by Melissa Howell

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