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Going Global in Third Grade

Going Global in Third Grade

Third grade started off our study of the world through shared reading and social studies. We began by teaching others about ourselves through an All About Me Project. After that, we learned about each other’s families by completing an interview project. Students interviewed a family member about where they were originally from, what it was like for them growing up, and how life is similar and different than it is today. Students then presented this information and we mapped where our families from.

We continued our global study with our character unit. Students have been working on deep thinking and writing about their thinking with characters from around the world. As a grade level, we have read many global books such as Ruby’s Wish, Beatrice’s Goat, The Memory Coat, Boundless Grace, Gregory Cool, and Coolies.


We have also been working in our individual classes with special projects:

Mrs. Aldredge’s Class - 
We have used our word map to plot the setting of our global books.

Mrs. Brown’s Class - 
We have worked with our second grade buddy class to make models of North America and learn about customs around the world. We also used our World Map to plot where each of our family originated.

Mrs. Cole’s Class - 
We have plotted where our families are from and the setting of our global books on google earth.

Ms. Lee’s Class - 
One of our projects has been to find out how to say “hello” in different languages. We will next find ways to say “thank you.” Our classroom groups are named after the continents. Each child has adopted a country on their continent and is responsible for finding a fun fact each week about their country. These fun facts are displayed in the hallway on/around the map of the world at the end of our hall.

Written by: Shiloh's Third Grade Teachers
Posted: Sep 19, 2013 by Mark Greene

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