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Changes in the Air at Parkwood Middle

 Every school year is filled with new ideas, activities, and excitement. But at Parkwood Middle School there are more than the usual changes to be enthusiastic about. Among them, Parkwood Middle welcomes Mr. Jeff Kraftson as our new Principal and Mrs. Susan Rodgers as our new Assistant Principal. There are still familiar faces though, including Mr. Dan Edwards, who is back for another year at Parkwood.
Mr. Kraftson, his administration, the office staff, custodians, and a host of others have worked hard to get the school ready for students. “As you can tell, there was a lot going on over the summer to prepare Parkwood Middle for an incredible 2013-2014 school year! Despite the very challenging times that public education is facing right now, we have no doubt that we will continue to ensure that our students get a 110% every day,” says Jeff Kraftson, Principal.
Throughout the summer, the administration team, custodians, and staff worked diligently to spruce up the campus of Parkwood. Some of the renovations include the landscape around our flag pole, an updated Parkwood Middle sign, remodeling the front office, painting, a fence for the basketball court and so much more!
The office isn’t the only place we are seeing new faces at Parkwood. The halls are filled with new teachers, including Ms. Sonia Cowan (8th Grade Language Arts), Ms. Ellen Gaddy (Teacher Assistant), Ms. Stephanie Harms (SRO), Ms. Allison Hartzell (7th Grade Math), Ms. Carren Heartley (Media Assistant), Ms. Darlene Morris (6th Grade Language Arts & Math), Ms. Krystle Navey (7th Grade Science), Mr. Jon Sale (Band), Ms. Stephanie Sharon (6th Grade EC), and Ms. Susan Wilhelm (7th Grade EC). Each teacher is bringing a new perspective, new resources, and fresh ideas to our school!
The warm welcome to the new teachers can be felt by everyone. Ms. Carren Heartley, our new assistant in the Media Center said, “I have felt so welcome here at Parkwood. This is an excellent team of teachers to be a part of. I enjoy seeing the students every day and helping them find the perfect book to read.”
We are enjoying having her, as well as all of the new teachers here at Parkwood Middle School. The many changes taking place ensure that we are going to have an outstanding year. In the face of many challenges to education, Parkwood Middle School’s family will come together to educate our students and prepare them for their bright futures.

Written by: Lisa Chapman and Nicole Depietro
Posted: Sep 25, 2013 by Lisa Chapman

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