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Who am I and what can I become?

I like to build things. I like to investigate and explore nature. I enjoy singing and I am good at it. Will I be an architect, a lawyer, or maybe I will be the next best-selling artist. What will I become when I grow up? There are so many different careers but how does a student choose the right one for them? As students at East Union Middle School began exploring career decisions, they had the opportunity to be taught by one of Union County’s finest—Officer Cole.

Officer Cole came into the classroom and immediately grabbed the attention of every student in the room as she began talking about exploring a career in the Sherriff’s office. The students hung on every word. She talked about the organizational structure of the Sherriff’s office. She also discussed the educational requirements and skills needed to work as a deputy of the Sherriff’s office. One student asked about the items Office Cole wore on her belt. Office Cole said she had 2 radios (one for the school and one for the Sherriff’s department); handcuffs; a baton; a handgun and a Taser. Most items on this belt are only used when Officer Cole feels that she needs to protect her life and/or the life of the general public.

In conclusion, Office Cole acknowledged that making a career choice is probably the biggest decision that our students will be making but she advised students that the most important thing they can do right now to prepare for their future is to learn as much as they can while they are in school. “Listen to your teachers because not only do they know what they are talking about, but they also have a wealth of knowledge that you will need to be successful,” said Officer Cole, “Learning is a lifelong process and right now you need to learn as much as you possibly can in school.”

The future is yours. Start today to plan for it. Remember, you were born to be an architect, a lawyer, or even the next superstar—make it happen

Written by: Martha Grise-Haney, computer & careers teacher
Posted: Sep 25, 2013 by Susie Jones

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