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Spaghetti + Marshmallows = Math

Freshmen Nicole Carroll, Emma Brock, Anna Kwiatkowski, Josh Geiger, and Brent Schepel work on their spaghetti and marshmallow tower in Math 2 Honors class.

Who says spaghetti, marshmallows, and math don't go together? On September 20, Mrs. Dillner’s 4th block Math 2 Honors class showed that these oddities make a wonderful combination. The students used spaghetti and marshmallows in a competition to see who could build the highest fortress. Using teamwork and their geometry skills, these honors students were forced to put their architecture abilities to the test!

Freshman Elizabeth Karp said, “Our strategy was to build a strong base and use the marshmallows to connect the spaghetti pieces in triangular shapes, but later we had trouble when our fortress lost its balance and fell!”

Looking across the room you could see the students put to work as they planned their towers and strategized, building strong bases and structured layers. We saw many different approaches; some groups doubling up the noodles to make for a strong structure, and others simply stacking materials to get their towers to sky rocket! One group even built a tower resembling the Empire State Building!

Avery Wiggs and Heather Cunningham, both freshmen, agreed, “It was cool being able to see how geometry can apply to everyday life. Who knew architecture and geometry went hand and hand?”

Whether each group had mathematical brainiacs or deep thinking strategists, the students had a lot of fun and were involved with hands on learning. Who knows, maybe marshmallow spaghetti fortresses will be the latest in building design?

Written by: CHS Freshmen Avery Wiggs and Heather Cunningham
Posted: Sep 27, 2013 by Paula White

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