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Dem Bones!

Sophomore Yuri Montesclaros, along with seniors Emily Parker and Courtney Schepel, compare cow and human bones as part of their Health Science class.

Recently while studying the structure and function of human bones, Ms. Townsend-Chambers Honors Health Science 1 class discovered something quite fascinating! Students were surprised to discover that though cow bones are massive and oddly shaped, the anatomy is very much like that of humans. Students were able to examine and see up close the medulla cavity of the cow’s long bones, and compare the different bones that make up the skull of a cow to a human skull.

Health Science 1 is an introduction to the healthcare field, which allows students the opportunity to explore the possibility of venturing into healthcare as a career. In this class, students get the opportunity to incorporate learning about the human body with the practical application of caring for patients as future healthcare professionals.

Many students are also involved in the HOSA Club (Health Occupations Club of America). For more information regarding HOSA, go to www.hosa.org, or see Ms. Townsend-Chambers in G214. The cow bones were provided courtesy of Mr. Ben Shumate, CHS Agriculture teacher.

Written by: CHS Health Science 1 teacher Ms. Colette Townsend-Chambers
Posted: Sep 30, 2013 by Paula White

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