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KES staff gets ready for school!

The "yellow" team gets ready to see if the raft they constructed will hold up!

  With the high growth this year, KES staff members found themselves moving classrooms, organizing books, interviewing candidates, and getting trailers..all for the purpose of having a successful start to the school year! However, the staff also engaged in a fun activity at Xtreme Challenge, located in Monroe.

The staff divided into different tribes, "Survivor" style, with equal representation across grade levels, and equal division of new and returning staff members. Activities such as low ropes and raft building (yes, we had to take it across the water!) were fun ones in which the staff could let off some steam, but most importantly, have fun working with each other. With the theme of "Encourage, Perseverance, Teamwork, and Trust", the staff created a strong foundation to work together..not just in this activity, but throughout the school year!

Written by: Dr. Rachel Clarke
Posted: Oct 01, 2013 by Rachel Clarke

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