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Fifth Grade AIG Students Bring Back More Than Memories from Barrier Island

Mrs. Foster and her 5th grade AIG students exploring the mud pit at Barrier Island.

Fifth grade AIG students spent last Wednesday through Friday at Barrier Island south of Charleston, South Carolina. We had a wonderful time plus we learned a lot from the many classes we attended. Some of the things we did were: walked in the maritime forest behind the newer sand dunes, went seining in the estuary, walked through a salt marsh, and went crab fishing.
In the little free time we had we went walking on the beach where we saw various animals such as jellyfish, horseshoe crabs and starfish. In the salt marsh we saw periwinkle snails and fiddler crabs. While walking in the woods we were startled by a doe and her fawn dashing off. We also kept an eye on the large alligator that lives in the ponds.
We saw various plants such as palmetto trees, wild magnolias, and pine trees. We learned about plants that are shade intolerant which means they have trouble growing in the shade and grow quickly to reach the sunshine. We learned that the shape of leaves can help a plant grow by funneling rain to the tree’s roots.
We had loads of fun when we attended classes. The naturalists taught us in creative ways like through songs. When we went seining, we identified all the sea creatures we caught. When we scooped up life from the pond, the naturalist helped us identify everything. Mental challenge games made us solve riddles.
We participated in a lot of other fun activities. We ran from “zombies” during one game. We had a dance party where we did the Virginia Reel. We sang and acted out crazy songs around a campfire. We walked on the beach at night with our flashlights spotlighting crabs high-tailing it sideways. We covered ourselves with the stinky mud that is rotting material, then washed off by floating in the estuary. Exhausted, we finished off the day by telling ghost stories while lying in our bunks in the dark cabin.
We had to work while there too. At each meal one of us had to set the table, bring out the food, and refill empty bowls. Another student had to clean up after the meal. We all took turns. We also had to clean up our cabins before we left on Friday. We girls won the prize for the cleanest cabin out of all eight schools that went!
When interviewed about favorite activities, Georgia Plue said, “I loved the campfire, and seining was my favorite class because we got to get close up with the animals.” We all had fun, became a tight team, learned A LOT, and left with lots of memories we will never forget.

Written by: Lisa Foster, AIG Teacher
Posted: Oct 03, 2013 by Jennifer Williams

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