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Third Grade Latin American Performance

The third graders at BHESA created and performed a Latin American production. They researched the geography, economy, and culture of Brazil, Mexico, and Colombia.

The classroom teachers and students also collaborated with the essential teachers. The students created their own masks in art with Mrs. Suleski. They learned Spanish songs with the help of the music teacher, Mr. Wagner and practiced Latin dances with the dance teacher, Ms. Lohry.

The ESL teacher, Mrs. Medina, who is originally from Venezuela, shared  a power point presentation and talked to the students about Latin American heritage through musical instruments and games. Students learned about the importance of culture and heritage and how it can vary from country to country. Some of the musical instruments they experienced and listened to were the guiero, maracas, and cuatro. Some of the games the students learned how to play were trompo and perinola.

Upon gathering information on Brazil, Mexico, and Colombia, students put on a great performance for the entire school during the day and did a night time performance for the community. Students wore their masks, sang Spanish songs including “Water Come to Me Eyes”, and performed the “La Raspa” Mexican Hat Dance and “Cumbiya”.

Written by: Mrs. Patricia Medina, ESL Teacher
Posted: Oct 03, 2013 by Beth Lanzy

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