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Science in action

Students weigh and measure objects to determine density

During the week of September 16 the 8th grade students participated in a chemical and physical properties/reaction experiment lab.

The lab consisted of three stations.  One station challenged the students to identify a mystery substance by using the known chemical and physical properties of water, vinegar, and iodine mixed with salt, baking soda, and corn starch. 

The second lab allowed the students to find the densities of some common liquids including water, corn syrup, and vegetable oil.

At the final station the students had to identify numerous cubes made of different materials by finding the densities of the solids.  The students participated in the lab to enforce the use of the science skill of using science tools as a way to conclude a unit on chemical and physical properties. 

The students were very successful in the lab and worked together brilliantly.

Written by: Laura Russel, 8th grade Science teacher
Posted: Oct 03, 2013 by Brita Mann

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