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Experiment brings taste of science to life, literally

After taking a bite out of lemons, limes, grapefruit, and having sips of drinks of concentrated lemon juice, apple cider vinegar, and unsweetened cherry juice, students were walking away with a smile on their face. Are you wondering how can that be?

Students in Mr. Jeffrey Bronstad’s IB Biology class participated in an experiment that left them saying “how sweet it is!” In an attempt to review scientific methodology, protein structure, and their new IB Biology command terms, five students and one Media Center Coordinator volunteered to participate in a daring in class demonstration.

The brave group was given a mysterious mBerry tablet to dissolve on their tongue. Once the tablet dissolved, everyone’s taste buds were “tricked” into tasting highly acidic foods as super sweet foods rather than bitter or sour demonstrating how the product earned its name: Miracle Berry.

While those in the mBerry group were enjoying their smorgasbord of sour, acidic, and bitter foods, the control group was not quite as happy. Since the control group did not get to experience the effects of the mBerry extract they were all left with the sour, acidic and bitter citrus flavors that we all know so well. While observing both groups, the remainder of the class could easily see the effect of the mberry was having.

The group that did not use the mBerry was grimacing, complaining and didn’t try any item more than once while the mBerry group went back time and again to experience the wonder of eating and drinking formally sour, acidic and bitter foods only to be surprised over and over by the new found sweetness of each item.

Jordan Cline spoke of the experience, saying, “I really enjoyed the effect of mBerry as it gave me a different look on taste. Lemon juice was probably the best thing I have ever tasted!” Another student, Kayla Thompson stated, “The mBerry completely altered my sense of taste! The tart cherry juice tasted just like grape juice!”

Matthew Cristante had a whole new outlook stating, “It was an interesting and unique experience. I tasted everything differently. No matter how sour it was, it tasted sweet.” The students were then challenged to explain and analyze the abilities of the mBerry protein. Discussions afterward led the class to compare mBerry to artificial sweeteners, culminating in predictions and suggestions for real world applications for this truly miraculous berry.

Written by: Beth Hamilton
Posted: Oct 03, 2013 by Beth Hamilton

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