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PRHS Announces Teacher of the Year

Congratulations to Ian Faires who was selected as Porter Ridge's Teacher of the Year. Mr. Faires has been Porter Ridge's director of band programs since the school opened in 2005. This year's finalists also included April Dawkins, media specialist, and Stephanie Ruggiero math teacher. Mr. Faires took a few minutes from his busy schedule to answer a few questions.

Ian M. Faires

  • Teaches - Instrumental Music/Band
  • Education - Graduated from Appalachian State University in the Fall of 1999 with a Bachelor of Music Degree.
  • An Original Pirate – Opened the school in 2005
  • Why did he become an educator? – “My desire to become a teacher began in high school. As a student in my high school band, I was drum major, the student conductor of the band. As the drum major of the band, I was given the task of teaching the music to the students and teaching the marching drill. I absolutely enjoyed every minute of it! It was exciting to watch a group of my peers grow and develop a marching band show and to be able to perform it. From a very young age, I knew that I was going to work with children in some form or fashion. My original intention was to become a pediatrician, however I found a joy in teaching that I would have never known had I not been a drum major and have that opportunity afforded to me. Through this experience, I knew that being a teacher was the path that was set forth in front of me.”
  • What he loves best about teaching? – “The most exciting part of education is watching students "get it". I absolutely love the moments during class, whether it be 6th grade or 12th grade when students understand the intricacies of musical concepts and musical performance. There is a moment that their brain has finally figured something out, and that makes them have that look on their face when they have not had the answer handed to them, rather they have made the connection themselves and created a new learning pathway. It doesn't matter to me if it is musical in nature, it is more important that the student understand they have truly learned the material in their own way. Education is such a broad scope of ideas that when students have the ability to learn in their own way, it teaches me how to connect with them better. I feel connection with each one of my students in our own unique ways when they learn to grasp any concept. This makes me learn how to be a more logical, effective, and supportive teacher when I can see how students learn. It also makes teaching a more worthwhile avenue than any other profession on the face of the earth. Truthfully speaking, there is no other profession that can provide the joy and reward that education provides.”

Written by: PRHS Administration
Posted: Oct 07, 2013 by April Dawkins

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