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1st Graders Learn About Science and Social Studies

The first graders at Western Union are on a science and social studies rotation for 3 weeks of instruction in each subject area. Mrs. Burnette and Mrs. Dobbins’ classes have been learning about motion and the forces of push and pull.

During this time, the students have experimented with these forces and learned that all movement includes one of the two forces. Students used balloon race cars to find out how different amounts of air in a balloon can push the race car.

Students made predictions of how far they thought the race car would travel and then they measured the actual distance the car traveled using unifix cubes.

The students were surprised that even with 15 pumps of air the balloon did not pop, but pushed the car a longer distance than expected.

Ms. Keller and Mrs. Lynch’s classes are doing social studies at this time. They have learned all about where they live. The students have been studying about the earth, the continent, the country, the state and the city.
This is a very hard concept for children to understand that the world is such a big place, and that they live in just a very small part. The students are also learning basic map skills.
The students will learn about the cardinal directions of north, south, east and west. They will look at a map key and be able to recognize that small symbols on a map represent items such as roads, railroad tracks, parks etc.
At the end of the three weeks, the students will rotate to a different classroom in order to be taught in the area in which they were not the previous time.
As the first grade teachers, we felt that this was another opportunity for us to work with all of the first grade students.
We all take responsibility for the learning and success for each of the students not just the success and learning of the students in our own classrooms.

Written by: Khristy Burnette, 1st Grade Teacher
Posted: Oct 09, 2013 by Carrie Johnson

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