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EUMS students actively learn about weather

Seventh grade science students at East Union Middle School have been learning about weather via inquiry science. Students have layered different density liquids, discovered air pressure with syringes, created convection chambers, made pressure indicators and many more inquiry science investigations.

Our favorite investigation was the modeling of the layers of the atmosphere. Maria explains, “I learned where the layers are and what happens in each layer by making the model.” Codi adds, “I learned about my friends and how to work together in groups.” Alivia and Addison concur, “We can learn more when we visually see the experiments instead of reading about it in the textbook and trying to picture the effects in our heads.”

Our classes are looking forward to speaking with a guest speaker about the effects of pollution on the environment. 

Written by: Marla Robles, 7th grade science teacher
Posted: Oct 14, 2013 by Susie Jones

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