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Hemby Bridge Teachers Go Back to College

Fifth Grade Teacher Tammy Williams participates in a traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony.

While students and their families enjoyed the long summer break, Fifth Grade Teacher Tammy Williams and Library Media Coordinator Susan Shikany went back to college.  Lifelong learners Mrs. Williams and Mrs. Shikany attended the Duke University Summer Institute on Food Cultures in East Asia.  The Institute hosted elementary and middle school educators from across the state. Participants learned about various Asian cultures through the ceremonies and traditions of food and its preparation.  Activities included a Japanese Tea Ceremony, Basics of a Korean Meal, a Japanese cuisine and sushi demonstration, and a tour of Culberson Asiatic Arboretum in the Sarah P. Duke Gardens. Participants also got to hear Audra Ang, former Beijing based correspondent for the Associated Press and author of To the People Food is Heaven, share experiences of eating in China. 

Mrs. Williams said, “This experience enlightened me to the different food traditions of this region, but I was challenged to find ways to share the experience with my students in a public school classroom.  However, I realized that providing students with the opportunity to see and listen to the experiences of others can give them another way to explore the power of food and other aspects of different cultures in the classroom.”

Written by: Betsy Ziskind, AIG Teacher
Posted: Oct 14, 2013 by Betsy Ziskind

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