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Beta Buddies Visit Our Second Graders at Prospect

 Last Thursday the Beta Club from Parkwood High School visited our second grade students.  They read a global book then let the students draw a picture!

The second grade students' favorite part was when the Beta Club gave them little reading buddies.  The students put them on their shoulder and read to them.  One student got a little white cat name Angel. The second grade students have to read to their little reading buddies everyday or they will feel sad.  

Sammie Wheater stated "the book my Beta Buddy read to me was Nini.  Nini is the name of the cat.  Nini was a famous cat in Italy because he could sing.  I mostely liked the story because it was about a cat.  Nini was in Italy and my dad just went to Italy and brought back the best chocolate."

The second grade students are already promoting the event to the first grade students by telling them "when you come to second grade next year, you will get a little reading buddy too!"

Written by: Sammie Wheater
Posted: Oct 15, 2013 by Eric Doan

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