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Technology in Kindergarten

Kindergartners are working hard and using technology. Technology is helping us learn in a fun and exciting way each and every day!
In math, students have been studying how to sort different objects by their color, shape and size. They are using the Promethean board to help us with these skills. Students are learning how to use the board in many different ways.  They are watching educational videos of other students sorting objects and learning songs to help us remember our skills. Students are now able to come up to the board and work with a group, or individually, to complete a task assigned to them.
In Mrs. Rorie's kindergarten reading block, students are able to use the laptops to listen to books on Tumble Books. The students can choose from a variety of books and listen to them with a partner or alone. Students also use our laptops to go to educational websites to practice skills that have been taught in class.
Technology is a huge part of the day!

Written by: Anna Rorie, Kindergarten Teacher
Posted: Oct 16, 2013 by Jennifer Williams

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