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5th-Grade students present on Google Docs

Students in Ms. Stanback's fifth grade class use technology to complete their daily assignments.

Have you ever heard of Google Docs?  It’s a website that allows you to express your work creatively with photos and slides.  All fifth graders have their own laptops that they can research and set up their projects on.  Here’s how some students feel about being allotted this responsibility and what they like about Google Docs:

“Google Docs is fun because it lets you share your work with other people and when you add photos or quotes, it copies the bibliography and references down for you.  Report cards go out next week!  With Google Docs we’re all guaranteed to get 100’s!" --Nicolas

“I like Google Docs because it edits itself, plus it has its own research box, so it basically saves you time and work.” --Allyson

“I like that you can access it from any computer or piece of technology. It’s definitely better than lugging books around with you all day. Instead, the information is stored on the clouds!” --Ty

“This site helps you interact with people and learn how to use research tools correctly. Also, it’s helpful to the clouds. If your home computer goes down, you can go to the library and try again!” --Bryson

“Google Docs was very cleverly set up.  On it you can create a number of different things: documents, spreadsheets, presentations, you name it! Once you have it on the site, it’s yours. But you can share it with whomever you like!” --Mayson

“I like how you can share your papers on the website and work together on the Internet. Even though school isn’t my favorite, I love Google Docs!” --Dalton

“I feel more independent when I can do things on my own computer. Google Docs is fun and gives you a good learning experience to go by." --Dean

“On Word, it only saves for a little while, but on Google Docs, you can save your work for as long as you want. You can also access cool photos and comment with your friends. It’s truly amazing.” --Lindsey

 Ms. Cape’s AIG class recently went on a several-day educational field trip to the Barrier Islands, pieces of land that border South Carolina. Freshly inspired, Language Arts has begun to create a whole presentation on Google Docs of what they learned from the experience.

(Note to teachers: If you don’t want to include every student’s response in the article when you copy it onto the newsletter, that’s fine. But since this is my first article, I want it to be the best it can be.)

Written by: Abby Leighton, Fifth Grade Student, Ms. Stanback's Class
Posted: Oct 16, 2013 by Dana Sullivan

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