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Why Students “Play” in Pre-K

Elizabeth and Ainsleigh working with puzzles.

Most often Ms. Ross hears “Ms. Ross, is it center time?” Play is children’s work. Many studies document the importance of active learning. Through play, children are learning to make choices and decisions for themselves. While working in centers children learn to get along, solve problems and explore the world around them.

In this article Ms. Ross focuses on Dramatic Play and Puzzles. Through play, all facets of development are enhanced. The dramatic play center builds role-playing, develops early writing behaviors such as creating menus, shopping lists, doctor’s instructions, increasing language development and communication skills and builds problem solving strategies. In Puzzles Elizabeth and Ainsleigh are developing spacial sense, increasing concentration, increasing the development of problem solving abilities and developing fine motor skills which helps them develop strength in fingers for writing.

Written by: Ms. Ross, PreK Teacher
Posted: Oct 23, 2013 by Jennifer Williams

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