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Kensington’s First Graders Learn Financial Literacy and Community Economics First Hand!!!!

 At 5/3 Bank, students learned how the bank provides financial services to our community including cashing checks, safe deposit boxes, loans and more. The bank shared the importance of saving money and gave students information to share with their families about saving money. The children got to enter the safe and had a “behind the scene’s tour” of the teller service area and safe. Students were amazed by the technology used to count and keep track of the money, especially the cash counter that could count 100 $20 bills in just seconds!! Students received a goodie bag packed with information about saving and treats as well!

At Moe’s students learned how the restaurant provides for both wants and needs as they provide the handy service of making food for us to enjoy. Students sampled their famous chips and queso while learning how the restaurant is also a consumer as it must order and pay for supplies to make the place run smoothly. Students received a card for a free kid’s meal on a future visit!

At Harris Teeter students were taken on a tour of products from around the globe which are available for all to purchase, such as produce from countries in South America. They also learned how the grocery store sells both goods and services. They have the raw materials so people can cook their own food or they can go to the service deli and purchase prepared foods if they choose. Students received a cookie at the end of their visit to reward their excellent behavior!

At Fitness Together students learned about how the facility provides personal trainer services to the community. While there, they also learned about how to keep their own bodies healthy by eating right and exercising daily. The children received a card that invites their families back in for a free training session!

Each stop included a personal reflection from each presenter how they earn money by doing their jobs so they too can have money available to spend on their family wants and needs as well as some to save for later. The first grade team is grateful for these businesses for opening their doors to our youngest learners and helping them understand the abstract concepts of spending, saving, goods, services, wants, needs, income, employment, supply and demand. This marks the third year these businesses have participated and they all look forward to many more years of learning together!

Written by: Trevor Althof, grade 1 teacher
Posted: Oct 23, 2013 by Rachel Clarke

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