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Oprea & Medlin Selected as UCPS Global Teacher Leaders

Congratulations to Marianna Oprea and Angela Medlin, who have been selected as UCPS Global Teacher Leaders. Oprea and Medlin were two of twelve teachers selected based on their commitment to global education. Global Teacher Leaders will work throughout the year to implement global education in all aspects of instruction and provide professional development both at Piedmont and throughout the school system.

As the teacher of the Transition to Adulthood class at Piedmont High School, Oprea provides many opportunities to facilitate global learning in the classroom and participates in a variety of global initiatives herself to help UCPS to push towards Going Global! To highlight Oprea’s background in global education, she was selected as a 2012-2013 World Affairs Council Scholar, in which she received a $2500 scholarship to travel to Thailand this past July with other educators and administrators. While in Bangkok, Thailand, Oprea visited many famous Thai sites and established two sister schools that will partner with Piedmont students this year. As part of the Council Scholar Program, Oprea was recognized at the 2013 World Citizen Award Dinner and will be a lifetime member of the World Affairs Council. Her membership will give her the opportunity to coordinate seminars and roundtable discussions with past scholars and experts for curriculum development, content enrichment, classroom resources, and professional interaction. Oprea definitely “has a passion for global education” as she came to the United States from Romania 10 years ago as part of a foreign exchange program. She is in her third year at Piedmont High as the teacher of the Transition to Adulthood Program. She is a valuable member of the Piedmont Globalization Committee, which works with teachers and students to integrate global awareness into the curriculum. When asked what this selection meant to her as an educator, she stated, “"I am honored to be selected as a Global Teacher Leader. There are many people out there who are all working incredibly hard to integrate globalization and are making a big difference. I am also very excited about the extraordinary opportunity to share my experiences in Thailand and begin our partnership with the sister schools I visited with this summer. I would like to thank our administrators, Globalization Committee and EC department for their support and encouragement in all my globalization activities."

Medlin is a Career & Technical Education teacher who is an integral part of the globalization initiatives at Piedmont. As chair of the Globalization Committee, she organizes and reports all of the teachers' and club sponsors' global activities into a portfolio for review at the end of the year. Furthermore, she is an advocate for integrating globalization in the classroom by researching resources and lesson plans to make incorporating globalization easier for teachers. In her personal classroom, she takes part in activities such as global tours using green screen lessons, journal entries about current events, global business activities, and video contests about solving issues such as poverty and famine. Medlin also advises the New Global Citizens club, which helps student members learn more about global issues such as AIDS and poverty. The club sponsors House of Hope in Uganda and raises awareness of the issues facing the orphans in the house. As Medlin notes, “It is more important than ever that our students receive exposure to global issues that will impact their lives after graduation. From a career perspective, the global economy will necessitate that many of our current students work or travel to foreign countries. As a Global Teacher Leader, I plan to use this role to expand their global awareness to help be better prepared for this reality.”

This year, there were 40 teachers who applied for the Global Teacher Leader designation. These teachers had to submit an application detailing their globalization experiences, which were then independently reviewed by a panel. The 12 teachers selected will now work throughout the year to implement global education in all aspects of instruction and provide professional development throughout the school system.

Written by: Donna Helms, Web Editor
Posted: Oct 25, 2013 by Donna Helms

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