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Waxhaw students learn about conserving natural resources

Fifth grade student Lindsey Ringeling helps her classmates learn about the importance of conserving natural resources during the play "Showdown at Resource Ranch."

Resource Ranch is a play that waxhaw elementary kids saw on Thursday, October 24th.  It was sponsored by Duke Energy.  This play was set in the 1800s and it taught kids about not wasting natural resources and how to save them.  The play was put on by two people playing 5 people and 1 person playing 4.  This play had an officer getting complaints about no hot showers, t.v., or lights going on.  She (the officer) had a deputy thinking of opening a water park but he can’t because he does not have the resources to do it.  The officer tells him it is a resource problem and then he goes frantic running around and making everyone laugh.  The officer gets a letter saying who is wasting all the resources and he wants to settle this.  Then the officers friend in show business gives her great ideas about about saving resources to beat the bad guy.  The bad guy came but the officer beat him with her new knowledge about resources.  After the play was over we all got these cards saying how we can learn more. 

Written by: Juliet Anglis, Fifth Grade Student, Ms. Sullivan's Class
Posted: Oct 25, 2013 by Dana Sullivan

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