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A Book Fair Oasis: Quenching our Thirst for Good Books!

Our Book Fair Reading Oasis was held October 18-25th in our media center.  Of course, we always want to promote reading with our book fairs, but we also want to excite our students with this annual event, too!

In preparation for this fabulous event which also included our annual Grandparents’ Day, several students created many of the decorations for this event. Using both tempera and acrylic paints, students created Egyptian themed decorations like King Tut’s mask, sarcophagi, camels, temple columns, Nefertiti’s bust, and various Egyptian amulets.

As students and their Grandparents entered the oasis of great books that housed the shelves of our book fair Ooh’s and Ah’s could be heard by the young and the old.  Indeed, it was inspiring to see how many Grandparents came out to eat lunch with their grandchildren and to encourage their love of reading.

In addition to the decorations, several Channel 15 WUES Morning news team members, under the direction of Ms. Barnes, our media coordinator created their own promotional video to excite our students about this book fair.

Dressed in costumes of Ancient Egyptian Queens and Kings, morning news staff invited students to this book fair by advertising some of the great literature that was available during this book fair. Using simple rhymes and puns, the student actors showed off their drama skills. 

The video also featured students dancing to the ‘80s band The Bangles’ hit song, Walk Like an Egyptian.  This video aired during the school’s morning news show. 

WUES Morning News team members who created decorations include the following students:  Shamiah Williams, Logan Nichols, Taylor Dye. Student Advertising and Promo Committee members who also contributed by helping to make decorations included Jaden Kempf, Ethan Jaurequi and Heather Allred.   

Each day of the book fair an Ancient Egyptian trivia question was asked during the morning news show.  Students could place their responses in a trivia drawing box for a chance to win a cool prize. Drawings were held each morning to recognize two winners who came up with the correct answer to the trivia question.  

We would like to thank all who participated in our book fair event by making purchases, participating in the trivia contest, or simply having lunch with and visiting their grandchildren. 

Please continue to participate in our Book Fairs because the proceeds we raise will be used to purchase more resources like books and technology for our school’s media center. All these resources benefit our students and teachers in their pursuit to make learning exciting and meaningful.


Written by: Melissa Barnes, Media Coordinator
Posted: Oct 28, 2013 by Carrie Johnson

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