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Cavs Support Libros for Learning

CHS senior Alicia Rangel reads with a child as part of the Libros for Learning project.

The CHS International Club is partnering with Kensington Elementary to raise money for Libros for Learning, a project that provides books in Spanish to rural schools in Mexico. Just $600 could fund a school library in Mexico dedicated in Cuthbertson High School’s name. During the month of September donations were collected during lunches that raised $200. The donations will fund a library to be delivered in fall of 2014. There will be other opportunities to donate throughout the school year. 

The project was started by Dr. Glenn Baron who teaches at Kensington Elementary. Dr. Baron started Libros for Learning 8 years ago and goes to Mexico once a year during Thanksgiving. He visits a small region called Cabo Corrientes on the Pacific coast of Mexico, near the city of Puerto Vallarta. The largest city has about 2,000 people, but most of them have only 100-200. One of CHS’ own students, senior Alicia Rangel, accompanied Dr. Baron, a close family friend, on one of his trips.

“We traveled to Puerta Vallarta and went to Cabo Corrientes which is made up of several small isolated towns. Dr. Baron thought I would be helpful since I speak fluent Spanish. He also thought I could help get our school involved,” said Alicia. They visited six schools and an orphanage on that trip.

Dr. Baron said, “I first visited Mexican schools in 2004. I spent days sitting in the back of the schoolrooms watching the teachers work and the students learn. I uncovered many needs in the schools, but to me, the most glaring need was for good books that the kids could take home and read. This will be my ninth visit with books and supplies. When I visit the schools, I spend a few hours there. One of the things I want to do is to teach them about the library system, using a library card to check out the books from the teacher and bringing them back. I also want to teach them how to find a "just right" book and how to take care of them. Although I speak Spanish, I'm not fluent, so I brought Alicia to help with talking to the kids. She took over the whole process of getting to know the kids and teaching them how to care for the books.”

Alicia said, “I wanted to go see Mexico but mostly I wanted to help give books to the schools and experience that. When delivering books, we first introduced ourselves and explained what we were there to do. After we explained the system of trading books, all the kids grabbed one and I read to some of them and some of them read to me. Most of the kids were shy but slowly they got comfortable and even told me about their siblings. They were very appreciative of the books.”

“My favorite part was when we would go to one of the schools and get to sit and read and listen to the kids read. Also we got lucky and found a turtle refuge where we got to release turtles into the ocean. Libros for Learning is definitely a worthwhile cause. Not enough people know about the organization,” said Alicia.

Learn more about this project at http://www.librosforlearning2010.blogspot.com/ or join on Facebook: Libros for Learning. If you would like to make a donation you may contact Dr. Glenn Baron at Kensington Elementary or Mrs. Stacie Thompson, CHS International Club sponsor. The club’s intent is to help increase literacy around the globe.

Written by: Paula White
Posted: Oct 28, 2013 by Paula White

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