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7th grade is growing authors

The seventh grade is full of talented young authors! For the past several weeks, students have been hard at work planning, drafting, and editing narrative fiction pieces in their English language arts classes. Students completed detailed profiles to create their settings, characters, and themes. They also participated in an extensive self-assessment and peer-editing workshop in order to reflect upon and revise their writing effectively. Finally, students wrote a 'book blurb' to advertise their finished pieces...check out just a few of these blurbs below!

"Many say that the wolf is, a vicious carnivore, dangerous, a predator, a killer?
… Or helpless, lost, and scared?

Caroline Foster had everything a southern teen
could ask for, she has a normal life with friends, crushes, and everything else teenagers want and need. But one fatal morning her life will change in a drastic way… Her life will flash by with many dangers, and Evil lurks behind every dark corner. Will her
and Jaxton Helms make it through the daring adventure? Or will they be captured just like the other captives they attempt to save? All we know is that this whole thing begins with one lone wolf..."
- Emily Lawrence, "The Captured"

"Jazmine is just a girl like any other, but for some reason the
girls do not like her...day after day she is being bullied. Jazmine just tries to ignore it, but one day they have worked Jazmine’s last nerve...it has gone too far this time."
- Alivia Grasso, "You're Not Alone"

"In a little neighborhood in Jersey City, tension is building. Fights break out, drive-bys
occur and the people seem to carry weapons and always be clumped together. Drug dealing is common in this part of town. You see them dealing all day long while police drive by to have surveillance of the area, but that does not stop them from doing it. My
name is Lil' Jay, and this is my story…"
- Dustin Singletary, "The Gang Down the Street"

Written by: Melanie Simpson, 7th grade Language Arts teacher
Posted: Oct 31, 2013 by Susie Jones

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