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Camp Thunderbird - reflections from Mrs. Bauer's class

During the third week of October, the fifth grade students at Kensington had the opportunity to go to Camp Thunderbird for a three day stay. This annual trip not only provides valuable lessons in the core standards in the areas of science and literacy, but also has proven to be a memorable experience in other ways! While the fifth grade teachers use the material learned at camp in their regular lessons following the trip, Mrs. Bauer's class also reflected on the entire experience. They considered their personal goals, points of pride, and advice to new students.

My Goals…
• My goal was to make friends and I definitely did. Grace who is now a great friend of mine even lives in my neighborhood! I just met her by being in the same cabin!
• My goal was to try new things and learn about myself and the environment. I met all my goals and even tried canoeing!
• My goal was to go away and not be homesick. It was tough the first night, but my teacher and my chaperone helped me and I am proud that I made it and had a great time!

I am Proud of…
• Getting out of the box I am always in…I tried new things like eating a leaf, going 20 feet off the ground and living in a cabin without someone catering to me.
• Going on the zip line and alpine tower because it was my first time.
• I am proud that I ziplined. It was scary at first but then I got to encourage all my friends to try it too.
• I am proud that I canoed. I was afraid I would fall in but everyone was positive and I did it!

I would tell a fourth grader…
• The trip is really good and you get to cooperate and make new friends.
• Just have fun being you. You will also learn you need to bring your thinking cap.
• Trust and believe in yourself because you will be proud.
• Don’t be scared of who is in your cabin or day group because you will make some new friends.
• Don’t pack too much. You really will have to move all your own things!

What I learned
• I learned how to communicate with people. I know that I can use that in my everyday life.
• I learned about ways to recycle and how trash decomposes.
• I learned all kinds of things about nature and history. We had five goals, all of which I met. I respected everyone, I communicated, I learned a lot of new things, I tried new things and most all…I had fun!
• I learned that the environment is very important and how to respect it.
• I learned to believe in myself and try new things.


Written by: the students in Mrs. Bauer's fifth grade class
Posted: Oct 31, 2013 by Rachel Clarke

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