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1st Grade visits Land of the Waxhaws

On Thursday, October 24, the first graders took a local field trip to the Museum of the Waxhaws.  We had a wonderful time seeing first-hand what it was like long ago. 

We experienced a classroom of long ago.  It was hard for the first graders to imagine using small chalk boards instead of computers and promethean boards in their classroom. 

We also met Ms. Susie who lived on the homestead.  She showed us how they cooked and grew their own food long ago.  Can you imagine living in a house with not electricity! 

We then ventured through the woods and visited a Waxhaw Indian village.  Many of us did not know that Waxhaw was named after the Waxhaw Indians. 

Our trip ended meeting a real “spinner”.  We learned how you can actually take cotton from a cotton plant and make blankets and clothing.  Everything that people had from the past was from the land. 

We will continue to learn and compare the past to our lives today.  The first graders are becoming quite the experts on learning about life long ago!  

Written by: Carrie Johnson
Posted: Nov 05, 2013 by Carrie Johnson

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