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Read All About It: Shiloh’s First Literacy Night Was a Huge Success!

Parents listen to presentation by Shiloh teachers during Literacy Night

On October 24th, Shiloh hosted its first annual Literacy Night. The event, organized by Shiloh’s Media Coordinator Mrs. Jessica Klutz, was a true collaboration and partnership between Shiloh and community organizations. For example, several Shiloh staff members presented break-out sessions on how parents can help their children to increase their literacy skills. Ideas for improving reading and writing were presented through the use of discussion, technology, and various handouts. Additionally, representatives from the Union County Public Library, UCPS Media and Technology Services, and the Union County Literacy Council presented informational sessions as well. Shiloh recognizes and thanks Dr. Tom Bulla, UCPS Director of Elementary Education, and Mrs. Suzanne Thompson, UCPS After School Director, for attending this event.

During the evening, parents and students rotated between four 20-minute sessions around the building. Student volunteers from Sun Valley Middle School were on hand to help direct parents to their appropriate locations. Mrs. Nicole Lightner commented, "This was a great way for families to see and practice real, applicable lessons that can be extended at home." Several parents remarked that they felt the evening was extremely helpful to them. The overall theme we heard from parents was now I know how to help my child at home! One parent made the following remark to 5th grade teacher Mrs. Carrie Ganc: “The night was a small group setting with parents who truly want to push their children to go further, and continue the work we do here daily." Other parents remarked as follows to Mrs. Jessica Klutz: "Thank you for being an excellent school...the presentations were so informative…the information Ms. Philips [UCPS Technology Services] gave is going to be a great resource!"

Here is an example of reading comprehension tips presented to parents by 2nd Grade teacher Mrs. Stacey Hea:
-Use sticky notes to stop and jot.
-Stop after each section and ask yourself questions.
-Once is not enough! Encourage your child to re-read favorite books and poems. Re-reading helps kids retain information, read quickly, and accurately.
-DIG DEEP into the book!!!
-Ask questions to your child while they read…Reading is THINKING!
Here are some of her fluency tips for parents to help their children:
-I read to you, you read to me. Take turns…model making your voice go up and down. Model smooth reading.
-One more time with feeling. When your child has tackled a tricky word, have him/her re-read that sentence. Often kids are so busy figuring out a word they lose fluency and meaning.
-Do storytelling on the go. Take turns adding to a story the two of you make up.
-Listen to stories on tape, computer.

We look forward to hosting next year’s 2nd annual Literacy Night. In fact, several of our staff have already started to plan for next year! Our Literacy Night is a great example of what makes Shiloh such a special place. Our staff is dedicated to pushing our students to learn, grow, and excel in their academics. For more information on ways that you can help your child improve his/her reading and writing, please contact the school. We hope to see you at our next Literacy Night!

Written by: Scott Spencer, Principal
Posted: Nov 05, 2013 by Mark Greene

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