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Al Conklin Visits Prospect

Meteorologist Al Conklin from WBTV and New Life 91.9 came to the Media Center at Prospect Elementary School to teach the fifth graders about weather safety.

The fifth graders took a weather safety quiz before he came to see what they already knew.  The fifth graders were studying weather so they had a good idea of everything.  Mr. Conklin reviewed the quiz with the students and answered some questions.  He also told them a little bit about what it is like to be meteorologist. 

A student in Mrs. Correll’s class, Brynn P., said “I learned about typhoons and weather.”

Alec J. said, “I learned what a typhoon is-it is a hurricane that occurs in the western area of the Pacific Ocean.”

Another student in Mrs. Correll’s class, Ben L., said “If you stick your finger in an outlet, the shock of the electricity will send you across the room.  I also learned that if you count the number of seconds between lightning strikes and thunder, that’s how close the lightning is to you.”

Kimberly J. said “I learned that when a flash flood occurs it rains a lot and it can flood your house and you can find all kinds of things.  One time Mr. Conklin found two frogs and a fish in his mom’s house after a flash flood in Lake Norman!”

All of the fifth grade students had a good time and learned a lot about weather.


Written by: Nick W.
Posted: Nov 05, 2013 by Megan Hill

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