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What’s Your Lucky Number?

Good job!

In the cafeteria zone it is your lunch number. Every student has a number that helps the cafeteria staff find their account quickly, record their purchase and move on to the next student. When students know their number automatically it helps the staff work more efficiently.

To the kindergarten student the number is brand new. It is also a big bunch of numbers. Knowing it is a big help for those kids who are too shy to say their name. Memorizing it may seem impossible, however, Mrs. Tuttle’s and Mrs. Myers’ kindergarten class has accomplished it! As a reward for their accomplishment, Mrs. Lohr, the cafeteria manager decided to reward the class with a special “Got Milk?” button when they came through the line one afternoon in September. Mrs. Lohr said that she was impressed that all the kids in the class had learned their number so quickly. Even the students who bring their lunch each day got one because they had learned to say their lunch number too. Way to go Kindergarten! You are PAWSOME! So, what’s your lucky number?

Written by: Michelle Tuttle, Kindergarten Teacher
Posted: Nov 05, 2013 by Jodi McConkey

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