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Union County Public Schools Students Show Exceptional Academic Growth Against New, Tougher Standards

The first READY Accountability report was released after being presented to the State Board of Education on Thursday, November 7, 2013. The report showed Union County Public Schools students made exceptional academic growth against the new, tougher common core and essential standards.

UCPS posted the state’s second highest district academic performance as measured by the performance composite rates on the end of year assessments. Only one, much smaller, school district out of the 115 school districts in the state posted a higher performance composite rate.

92.5 percent of the schools in UCPS met or exceeded academic growth expectations in the 2012-13 school year. Statewide, more than 71 percent of North Carolina public schools met or exceeded academic growth expectations in the 2012-13 school year.

Though test scores dropped as expected in the first year of more rigorous standards, UCPS students scored well above the state average in all measurement areas. Additionally, UCPS posted the highest average performance composite rate among the ten largest school districts in the state.

Superintendent Dr. Mary Ellis said, “We expected to see the scores drop this year as the standards have been raised significantly. Our goal was that when the scores fell across the state, UCPS would continue to maintain its place as one of the highest performing school districts in the state. Our students and teachers accomplished that goal. We are not satisfied, though. We will not be until every student is proficient and truly prepared to succeed.”

Individual student score reports will be provided for parents to review within the next two weeks. Because standards were new in 2012-13, there is no impact on students or schools. There also are no school grades or designations during this transition year.

“Today’s report contains both academic growth rates and also the percentage of students who scored proficient on state assessments,” said UCPS Director of Accountability Carolyn White. “Academic growth shows the progress students make during the course of the school year. Some students begin the year well behind their peers and must make tremendous progress to show proficiency on the new standards.”

2012 - 2013 Statewide Performance Results
Cohort Assessment UCPS Proficiency State Proficiency
Grade 3 Reading 53.5% 45.2%
Grade 4 Reading 56.7% 43.7%
Grade 5 Reading 52.2% 39.5%
Grade 6 Reading 61.6% 46.4% 
Grade 7 Reading 62.2%  47.8% 
Grade 8 Reading 56.9% 41%
Grade 3 Math 60.6% 46.8%
Grade 4 Math 64.8% 47.6%
Grade 5 Math 67.2%  47.7%
Grade 6 Math 57.2% 38.9%
Grade 7 Math 56% 38.5%
Grade 8 Math 55.5% 34.2%
Grade 5 Science 57.5% 45.4%
Grade 8 Science 70.7% 59.1%
EOC English 2 64.4%  51.1% 
EOC Math 1 (Algebra 1) 53.3% 42.6%
EOC Biology 52.9%  45.5%
Graduates Math Course Rigor >95% >95% 
Grade 11 The ACT (Met UNC System minimum of 17) 73.2% 58.5%
Graduates Cohort Graduation Rate 90.8% 82.5%

Data for the schools, district and state can be accessed at http://www.ncpublicschools.org/accountability/reporting/. The information provided includes a user’s guide and technical notes to assist users.

Written by: Rob Jackson, Chief Communications Officer
Posted: Nov 07, 2013 by Rob Jackson

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