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Music is Everywhere!

Students work interactively at the Promethean Board during music class.

Union Elementary students really enjoy learning more about different music topics that interest them. That is why, when students get a chance to explore these topics while rotating through learning activities, they can’t help but get excited. These days are a crowd favorite, as children are assigned a group, and then travel with their group members around the room to the 5 different music centers, round-robin style.

During the second six weeks, we had some fun and educational centers that included an instrument sorting game on the promethean board, a clever musical instrument matching game, and practice exercises on mallet instruments like the xylophone. While students rotate through the centers, they encounter opportunities to work in groups, to take turns, and to share materials and ideas with their peers.

Learning centers give students the confidence to try out activities they may not have tried before. For example: a student comes to class, participates and sings the songs, but they are too shy to play an instrument in front of their classmates. When that student rotates to the instrument center, there are maracas and many other percussion instruments to play in a smaller group setting, like xylophone, drums, and the triangle, so the child doesn’t feel the same pressure to be “perfect” as they may feel in front of the whole group.

Music = life. Cultures around the world depend on music to send messages, to teach important facts, to celebrate accomplishments, to mourn the death of a loved one, or to motivate people while they work. We should follow our friends and neighbors and make the choice to utilize and appreciate music, all through our lives, and especially with our children.

Written by: Amber Mattatall, Music Teacher
Posted: Nov 08, 2013 by Jennifer Williams

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