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4th Grade Pumpkin Math Day!

Pumpkin Day!

Our 4th grade students actively participated in various math activities that related to fall in some way. The students rotated through five different stations that involved: finding the circumference and radius of pumpkins, locating different geometric shapes on pumpkins, estimating the number of seeds in different sized pumpkins, counting the number of lines on a pumpkin, calculating the cost per pound for pumpkins, along with estimating the weight, and comparing the differences in the actual verses the estimate weight of each pumpkin. The students had a lot of fun working together, and interacting with parents from within each classroom. The students were surprised that the number of seeds in the smaller pumpkin was larger than the number of seeds in the bigger one. 

Written by: Richard Wikfors
Posted: Nov 08, 2013 by Richard Wikfors

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