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East Union Middle honors veterans and learns from their experiences

42 veterans continued their life of service by sharing their experiences and spending time with East Union Middle Schoolers.

East Union Middle School hosted a Veteran’s Celebration on Friday, November 8, 2013. Approximately 42 veterans from around the area attended. The day began with a flag raising ceremony at 8:00am, with flags for the school that were donated by Bart Dunn.

Afterward, they were escorted by Beta club students to the classes where they would speak. Each veteran spoke with an entire class, sharing their military experiences and answering questions. Many of the veterans brought pictures, newspaper articles, uniforms, and souvenirs, and the students were fascinated with the artifacts.

Throughout the morning, the veterans enjoyed snacks, coffee and conversation in the media center. Much of the food was graciously donated by local businesses.

After the presentations 8th grade teacher, Mallory Bricker, said “We had two deputy sheriffs from Union County come into our classroom today, and I've never seen my students more engaged and interested. Officers Foard and Thompson had my students on the edge of their seats all morning. The officers had served in the Army and Marines and shared many of their personal experiences. Officer Thompson even gave us a show by singing parts of the Marine's anthem and demonstrating the marching techniques used during training. These two men really intrigued many of the students in my classroom. Officers Foard and Thompson showed them that with dedication and hard work each of them have the potential to do whatever they set their hearts and minds to.”

The staff at East Union is very thankful to the veterans for spending time with our students. It was an eye-opening experience for many of them to meet a veteran and learn about all they have done for our country.

Written by: Susie Jones, Media Coordinator, East Union Middle School
Posted: Nov 12, 2013 by Rob Jackson

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