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North Carolina Education Foundation Grant Recipients

Mrs. Holder, Mrs. Shulman, and Mrs. Todd are recipients of  $500 grants from the North Carolina Education Foundation. Each teacher submitted a grant application for consideration back in September in hopes of securing funds to enhance their classrooms. On Wednesday, November 13th the teachers were surprised by representatives of the North Carolina Education Foundation with balloons and an announcement of their winnings.

Mrs. Holder, the AIG teacher, will be implementing the Leader in Me with her 5th grade students by purchasing each student a copy of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens by Sean Covey. The goal is for the AIG students to read and learn from this inspirational text and share with their other fifth grade classmates. Mrs. Holder highlighted in her grant application that part of being a highly effective individual is being an excellent public speaker. In order to ensure that her students attain this goal Mrs. Holder will also purchase a digital camera that she can videotape the students speaking and play it back for them so they can learn how they can improve in this area. Mrs. Holder is excited to get started with her students and is very grateful to North Carolina Education Foundation for giving her students this opportunity.

Mrs. Shulman, the Media Coordinator, already hosts a Lunch Bunch several times a month with students in grades 2-5 to discuss their favorite book titles, genres, and authors. With completing this grant application Mrs. Shulman hoped to give the current Lunch Bunch an international flair. By winning the grant from North Carolina Education Foundation allows her to purchase eBooks on other countries and cultures that the students can read and then discuss. The goal is that the students will receive their invitation to lunch one week in advance with the title of the book they are to read. Students will then come to lunch and be ready to discuss new information they have learned on these other countries and cultures. The eBooks will purchased on an unlimited access which means an unlimited number of library patrons can check out the book online. eBooks can read on desktops, laptops, iPads, iPods, tablets, and Kindle Fires. If the student does not have the device at home they are welcome to come to the library at any time to read the book on one of the school computers. Mrs. Shulman looks forward to her International eBook Lunch Bunch and thanks North Carolina Education Foundation for considering her when awarding for this grant.

Mrs. Todd, the Global Studies, 21st Century Skills and Technology teacher will be using the $500.00 grant towards global studies books and postage for our post card exchange with other countries.  The books chosen will be shared with all students in all grades during the year about social, economic, and environmental issues facing other students and people from around the world.  Some of these are about students who face barriers in getting an education and poverty while others will be about environmental trends and issues facing the world.   I am excited to be able to get extra material/books to use in our new Global Studies classes and a big thank you to the North Carolina Education Foundation for their wonderful generosity in granting money for this project.

We appreciate the effort and support of the education foundation and community in funding all three of  these school projects at Rocky River.  Thank you again. 

Written by: Mrs. Shulman and Mrs. Todd
Posted: Nov 13, 2013 by Heather Shulman

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