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First Grade Nonfiction Study

Students work in groups to learn and share information about their topic.

 First grade is getting up close and personal with Nonfiction Material! Students work in reading clubs to research different topics from many nonfiction books. Together, each reading club has created a culminating project that they will use to teach others in the class about their topic they have researched. Topics chosen by each reading club include farm animals, the life cycle of a butterfly, the parts of a plant and their functions, and snake descriptions and diets. Culminating projects include paper and computer generated posters with an abundance of facts about each topic. To conclude the nonfiction unit the class celebrated all of their hard work by conducting a gallery walk where each reading club will present their project in efforts to teach the class all about the facts they have learned.

Written by: Jessica Speight, 1st Grade Teacher
Posted: Nov 14, 2013 by Jennifer Williams

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