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A School-Wide Surprise for Mrs. Maddex and Her Winning Idea

Congratulations to our own Mrs. Laurie Maddex for winning the Union Power Cooperative Bright Ideas Grant! Mrs. Maddex applied for the grant in July and presented her idea for “The Flexible Flipped Classroom”.

Mrs. Maddex and her 4th grade class were stunned when they opened their door to Sir Purr, three Carolina Panthers football players, several photographers, a news crew and representatives from Union Power Cooperative and the Carolina Panthers. Union Power Cooperative’s Luanne Sherron presented Mrs. Maddex with a “big” check for $1925.
The Bright Ideas grant is awarded to teachers to help support creative and innovative ideas that are not usually covered by school funds. Mrs. Maddex plans to purchase video cameras, tripods, and any necessary software for the 4th grade team to use for recording class lessons, new concepts, and small group practice. These videos will then be available for students and their parents to view in order to reinforce student learning.

Mrs. Maddex’s class eagerly lined up to get autographs from players Derek Anderson, Brad Nortman and Dwan Edwards. Her class, along with Sir Purr, was escorted down to the gym where the whole school was waiting, unaware of why they were there. Students and teachers cheered, led by an energetic Sir Purr, as the class entered and the announcement was made. A question and answer session followed with the Panthers.

Written by: Donna Ko
Posted: Nov 15, 2013 by Jeffery Aten

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