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Learning About History

The second graders in Mrs. Pope’s class have been working on research projects. Each student chose a current or historical figure that has helped influence our country through their contributions in government, music, sports, or science. The choices range from Abraham Lincoln to Taylor Swift.

The students researched their person using books and internet websites. Once they gathered data, it was then used to write a short paragraph and create a timeline based on their historical figure’s life. Last, students were given a variety of art supplies. The students used these supplies to design a model of their person for display.

The students have had fun working on this project. They have worked very hard to conduct research and then use what they learned creatively. Through this project the students have learned about the contributions of historical figures and how they have helped to shape history.

Written by: Cindy Pope, 2nd Grade Teacher
Posted: Nov 15, 2013 by Jennifer Williams

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