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UCEC Students Compete in Academic WorldQuest Competition

UCEC's 2013 WorldQuest Team and sponsor/advisor, Ms. Liz Washburn.

The Future of the Euro. The Geography of Russia. China in Africa. These are just a few of the topics UCEC students familiarized themselves with in order to prepare for an evening that tested their knowledge of world affairs. They joined over 200 students and more than 300 adults to take part in the joint Academic Worldquest/Worldquest 2013 competition. Held at the Westin Hotel in Charlotte on November 7, this event, sponsored by the World Affairs Council of Charlotte, this raised money for the Council’s educational outreach programs.
This was the first year that UCEC had a team take part in this activity, so students and coach, Liz Washburn, viewed the group’s participation as a familiarizing experience, one where they could gain a sense of the difficulty level and format of the contest. They discovered that the Academic Worldquest competition was a paper-and-pencil team effort that was divided into eight rounds, with a break in the middle. During the break and at the end of questioning, before the winners were announced, answers to the previous questions asked were reviewed by the evening’s host, WCNC weather anchor Larry Sprinkle.
Team member Tai Huynh had studied the geography of Russia to get ready for the completion, and he was pleased to learn that he had prepared well for this category. He helped his team correctly label the climate zones in Russia when the participants were asked to do so. Team member Ann-Kathrin Duemmler had reviewed world music, dance, and culture beforehand. Serendipitously, Ann-Kathrin’s German heritage also enabled her to answer a question or two, including one that asked the meaning of guten morgen (good morning).
Manuela Lopez Giraldo, a UCEC twelfth-grader, stated, “You could tell the schools that put a lot of effort into preparing. I was surprised about the competitive spirit.” This spirit certainly acted as motivating factor for her team members. While Meyer’s Park High School won the student portion of the event and will now attend the Academic Worldquest competition in Washington, DC, UCEC team members finished the evening with a sense of purpose and a determination to come back stronger next year. 


Written by: Liz Washburn
Posted: Nov 15, 2013 by Sylvia Roldan

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