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Skyping Across the Waters

Mrs. Gutt's fifth graders learned about a different culture by Skyping her daughter Katie, who is studying in Buenos Aires, Argentina this semester.  They came up with questions ahead of time and wrote them on note cards.  The questions ranged from what is the climate like, to the types of food, how it is different from Charlotte,  and what it is like to Spanish all of the time.

The students who prepared questions went to the web-camera on Mrs. Gutt's laptop and introduced themselves to Katie before asking their questions.  The computer screen was projected onto the Promethean Board so that all of the students could see and hear Katie as she answered the questions.  

Students were surprised to find out the that the president of Argentina works in "The Pink House" instead of The White House.  They were also surprised to learn that it is spring in Argentina now while it is autumn here.  As soon as our Skype session was over, the students started coming up with other questions they wanted to ask Katie.  Mrs. Gutt may need to plan another Skype date in order for them to learn everything!  Students will make a Venn diagram to compare and contrast what it is like here and there.

Written by: Elizabeth Gutt, 5th Grade Teacher
Posted: Nov 18, 2013 by Marni Menkin

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