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4th Grade Garbologists

4th grade students learn about the relationship between the consumption and conservation of natural resources

The Shiloh 4th graders have recently been learning about the use of natural resources around the world. One of the common core standards for geography that we explore is geography and environmental awareness.

Students were asked to explain the impact that human activity has on the natural resources of North Carolina. To do this the classes discussed articles and visited websites such as Garbology.com to gather more information. Through the site students became aware that what choices we make not only affect our state of North Carolina, but also play a huge role around the world. Along the way, we found out many countries are impacted by the choices we make. It was our goal to make choices that can make a positive change.

Students learned that there is a relationship between the consumption and conservation of natural resources. After playing the garbology game and reading information from the website, students were encouraged to sign a pledge to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

We are lucky that each student in 4th grade has a laptop. After reading and discussing the topic as related to North Carolina, students then researched the ways natural resources are used throughout the world.

Written by: The 4th Grade Team
Posted: Nov 18, 2013 by Mark Greene

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