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Reading with Beta Buddies

Beta Club members gather in front of Waxhaw Elementary School before going in to read to second grade classes.

Beta Buddies are back!  This year Parkwood's Beta Club is continuing their mission to encourage literacy at a young age so that by the time elementary students get to high school they will be reading on grade level. With that in mind, members visited the feeder elementary schools (Prospect, Waxhaw and Western Union) on October 3rd to read to second grade students.

Beta Club members showed the second graders that it is fun to read by sharing global picture books, modeling and applying reading strategies, and helping them in making inferences. Small groups of students in each class partnered with one Beta Buddy to share a book, do an art activity and then create a second grade global reading poster.

Freshman Beta Club member, Anna Boda, commented, "It was great to get kids interested in reading!"  Club Co-sponsor and English teacher, Megan Clement, agreed, "It was a great opportunity for our members to become engaged in our community and see what younger kids are struggling with and how important reading is for success."

As reading and drawing came to a close, the second graders were given reading buddies. The reading buddies were stuffed animals that the kids could place on their shoulders so they would always have someone to read to. When the Beta Club members were leaving each school, all the second graders shouted their thank you’s and goodbyes until the next trip in the spring.  

Beta Club plans to visit the second grade classes again this school year to continue mentoring and helping each student be successful in school.  Parkwood's members continue to follow the National Beta Club motto "Let Us Lead By Serving Others." 


Written by: Julie Boda, 12th grade Beta Club member
Edited by: Regina Snelson
Posted: Nov 19, 2013 by Regina Snelson

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