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Identifying Our Neighbors

Alyssa presents her project.

Mrs. Claybrooks’ Class has been exploring the eastern state of North Carolina with Mrs. Dryoff’s Class. Together we put on our “Historian” thinking caps to learn about our heritage.

As “Geographers” we have identified who we are as North Carolinians in terms of our location by exploring maps. We explored literacy through shared articles, notebook journaling, videos and brainstorming activities.

We have also examined artifacts like the arrowhead along with old pictures and maps.
One of our first goals was to organize our notebooks and create ‘guiding questions’ that we used to guide our thinking and clear up any misconceptions that we may have had earlier concerning American Natives.

Yes, we are learning how to ‘think like a historian.’ Every student has been eager to learn more about our state and about some of its earliest inhabitants-which has led to researching the Cherokee Tribes of North Carolina using technology. This research aroused our curiosity and we expanded our research to learn about the other American Natives living in North Carolina.

We compared and contrasted many of the tribes and found that many tribes shared some similarities and differences. One example was from our investigation of early Native American homes. They lived in tepees (teepees), wigwams, mounds beneath the earth, and huts made from tree tops, clay and stones.

What amazing facts! Some students and staff were related to a particular tribe (Cherokee and Lumbee), and wanted to learn more about them.

As citizens of this great state, Fourth Graders are learning how significant events and people have impacted the history, geography, government, culture, economy and ethnic diversity of North Carolina.

We are currently looking at Timelines to compare and contrast contemporary issues to historical events. Our goal is to build on early social studies and become avid thinkers who know how to apply new ideas to our learning when making decisions for our people in this state—and to become future problem solvers for this state, nation, and the world.

Written by: Barbara Claybrooks and Michele Dyroff, WUES 4th Grade Teachers
Posted: Nov 20, 2013 by Carrie Johnson

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