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Cavs Experience Culinary Arts

Cuthbertson High School CTE Foods I and II students were not only recently treated to Israeli couscous but they actually helped prepare the recipe as part of a visit from guest speaker Natalie Williamson from the Art Institute. The visit was arranged by Foods teacher Stefanie Carnathan. “I arranged for her to come to discuss the different majors that were offered at the school, specifically focusing on the Family and Consumer Sciences' majors - Culinary Arts, Baking & Pastry, Interior Design, and Fashion Merchandising,” she said. 

Natalie Williamson is a Culinary Specialist from the Art Institute. She has a bachelor's degree in Education and was a Foods teacher at Forest Hills High School. She attended the Art Institute in pursuing Culinary Arts by taking continuing education courses.

Ms. Williamson stressed the importance for students to be creative and use their talents to make a difference in our world. She emphasized that students should not give up on their ideas and interests and follow through with their goals. One way to do this is to go to college. The Art Institute offers a variety of majors pertaining to all types of interests. She also recapped many techniques and vocabulary terms that the students have learned in both Foods I and Foods II so far in the semester - cooking techniques such as "sauté” and “braise,” and specific knife cuts such as "julienne,” “brunoise,” and “dice.” In the Foods II class, Ms. Williamson went into specific details about a business plan since the Foods II students will be conducting an on-site catering business here at CHS. The parts of a business plan include a cost analysis sheet, advertising, inventory sheet, unit pricing, and menu design.

Williamson performed a cooking demonstration as part of her visit using a recipe for Israeli couscous. During each demonstration, she asked for two student volunteers to assist while she explained the recipe, techniques, and ingredients for the couscous recipe.

"My students were blown away with the presentation from the Art Institute and Natalie Williamson. They were able to relate the information that was presented with what they have already learned in both Foods I and Foods II such as business plans, knife cuts, and international cooking. The couscous end product was savory and divine, satisfying my taste buds!" smiled Ms. Carnathan.

If you would like to try the Israeli couscous recipe yourself, click here. CHS would like to thank Ms. Williamson and the Art Institute for her fun and informative visit. 

Written by: Stefanie Carnathan and Paula White
Posted: Nov 25, 2013 by Judy Davis

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