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Red Wolf Pride Takes on a Whole New Meaning at Rea View

Ms. Beeland who recently wrote The Secret World of Red Wolves, taught the students key facts about the red wolf, including their relationship to dogs and gray wolves, their appearance, vocalizations, life cycle, habitat, prey, and history in North America. Mr. Rabon provided more insight about the red wolf recovery program in North Carolina, and showed the students pelts from a fox, a red wolf, a gray wolf, and a coyote so that they could see the variations in color and size for these animals. He also showed students a replica of a red wolf skull, a sample of a trap used to safely catch the red wolves when they need to provide care to them, and the tracking collars used to monitor the red wolves in the recovery program.  Rea View students, staff, and parents who participated in the program now have a much greater understanding of the background and status of the red wolf in North Carolina. Asher F., a Rea View kindergartener, shared that he understands now that red wolves are endangered and that one hundred red wolves living in the wild is not many, so they need to be protected. Julianna A. a fifth grader, shared that the most memorable parts of the assembly for her were the pictures of the red wolf families and their puppies, and seeing the skins of the various animals. She reports that she was surprised to learn that those were real animal skins. Special thanks goes to the Matheny family, who originally nominated the red wolf to be Rea View's mascot prior to the school's opening in the spring of 2007. Special thanks also to the members of the PTA Educational Programs Committee, chaired by Mercy Suarez, and PTA Board members, past and present, who collaborated to make this educational program possible for our school community!

Written by: Jill Sledd
Posted: Nov 26, 2013 by Jill Sledd

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