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Unionville Barbecue – a 64-year delicious tradition

Unionville Elementary Principal Sharyn VonCannon checks on guests at the 64th Annual Barbecue and Brunswick Stew, hosted by the elementary school. Below, meals are packaged by Unionville parents, faculty, staff and countless volunteers.

The first Unionville Barbecue was held 64 years ago, with the price of a ticket being only $1.00. That tradition continues today with thousands taking part in this annual tradition.

The event is hosted each year by Unionville Elementary School. Very few people in Union County are not familiar with the Annual Barbecue and Brunswick Stew, which is held the first Friday in November.

This fundraiser involves the entire community, including the Unionville Volunteer Fire Department, Unionville parents, faculty and staff, as well as countless volunteers from the community who donate their time because of their commitment to this time-honored tradition.

Unionville students are also involved in some facets of the barbecue, such as ticket sells and related academic activities.

The first barbecue was in 1949, with tickets priced at $1.00. The current ticket price is $8.00 with which you may purchase a plate, bulk barbecue, a quart of stew or three sandwiches.

Take-out orders are a big part of the business. Cars line the school parking lot waiting for take-out orders before the sun even begins to rise. By the afternoon this year, more than 5,000 take-out plates had been sold.

Many patrons choose to “eat-in.” The school’s gymnasium is transformed into a huge hall of food and fellowship.

Parent volunteers serve plates, while a few lucky students refill drinks and help diners with their serving trays. Those who choose to eat-in may also purchase (for 50 cents) a slice or two of a homemade dessert.

The planning begins each September and every area of the barbecue (such as warming, seasoning pork, stew, take-outs, etc.) has its own chairperson who attends planning meetings and coordinates volunteers.

“It certainly “takes a village” to prepare 14,900 pounds of pork and 2,500 gallons of stew,” said Unionville Elementary Principal Sharyn VonCannon.

“Unionville Elementary would like to thank our community for contributing to the success of our school and students,” VonCannon added.

Written by: Mika S. Bruce, Media Coordinator Unionville Elementary School
Posted: Dec 02, 2013 by Deb Coates Bledsoe

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