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Teaching One Another With How-To's

 Kindergarten students at Marshville Elementary recently completed a unit in writing how-tos. Students learned about how we can tell the steps on something we know how to do across our fingers. In telling the steps we use first, then, next, and last. For example, in Ms. Edwards’ class, we wrote a how-to together, about how to unpack in the mornings. After telling the steps across our fingers, we wrote the how-to as follows: First, you take your folder out of your book bag. Then, you put your folder in the basket. Next, you put your book bag in your cubby. Last, you sit at your table. We also had pictures with each step, which show how to complete the task. The pictures are labeled. We acted out each step as a class, to make sure we could follow the directions in the how-to.
After completing the how-to about unpacking in the mornings, students independently wrote a how-to about some task that they know how to do. Some of the topics written by students in Ms. Edwards’ class were how to do cartwheels, how to play football, how to play basketball, how to line up, and how to ride a bike. After writing the how-to pieces, students had the opportunity to share the how-to with a buddy to see if the buddy could follow the directions. Students learned that their buddies should be able to follow the directions in a how-to, from the pictures and the words. It was interesting seeing what the students know how to do. This was a very exciting writing unit, which got students involved in teaching others different tasks through their writing!

Written by: Eva Edwards, Kindergarten teacher
Posted: Dec 04, 2013 by Kerri Edwards

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