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Teachers Receive $2000 Bright Ideas Grant

Pictured is Annette Harris with assistant principal Sarah Starr after receiving the $2000 Bright Ideas Grant from Union Power Cooperative.

Tracy Price, Susan Helms, and Annette Harris have received a $2000 grant from Union Power Cooperative through the Bright Ideas Grant program. Students in the Honors Art II, Pottery, and Science classes will collaborate with a North Carolina artist to create “Bird Houses of Hope.”

With the grant award, students will have opportunity to make art with a purpose. This project will challenge them to create an original birdhouse that will be purchased by people within the community. Their work will be displayed at the Monroe Crossings Mall followed by a silent auction. The community will be encouraged to bid on the houses throughout the week, where the proceeds will be donated to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in the “Kids for Wish Kids” Program and make a difference. According to Price, “We are so excited to be able to do this project because we actually have two students at Piedmont who have been “wish” recipients. They will have the opportunity to participate in this project and pay it forward! It is the true essence of the “Kids for Kids Wish” program.

Teachers at Piedmont High School take pride in the fact that they work together to educate the whole student. Not only will students in this project have the opportunity to learn from an outside local artist, but they will have the opportunity to learn from their peers. They will be taught to become advocates for kids with chronic and life threatening illnesses. Students will further learn the power they possess to make a difference in the lives of others around them, and in the world in general, by the artwork they create.

The Bright Ideas Education Grant Program is sponsored by North Carolina’s electric cooperatives and provides funding to North Carolina teachers for innovative classroom projects that fall outside normal funding parameters. Since the program began in 1994, about $8.5 million has been given to educators for more than 8,300 projects benefitting well over 1.5 million students. Congratulations Mrs. Price, Mrs. Helms, and Mrs. Harris on being recipients this year!

Written by: Donna Helms
Posted: Dec 06, 2013 by Donna Helms

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