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Thankful Third Graders

 In preparation for the Thanksgiving holiday, the third graders have been learning about being thankful for what we have and showing gratitude in our daily lives. We have read various articles on being thankful and showing gratitude and have discussed the things in our lives for which we are thankful. We have also been learning ways we can show gratitude in our daily lives-in both word and action. Saying thank you to anyone who does something for us, obeying our parents and teachers, and helping others in class are just some of the ways we can show we are grateful.
We also talked about what it really means to be thankful. We brainstormed how we can show we are grateful with the things we do and the way we act. One student commented, “Being thankful, to me, means I show that I care about my friends and family. I should say thank you for all my friends do for me.”
We also worked on an acrostic that listed the things we are thankful for, using the letters in “THANKSGIVING.” The list of things included teachers, kind words, very good food, and gravy. We hope that we can carry this lesson on being thankful for what we have and showing gratitude to those around us throughout Thanksgiving and make it a daily virtue. We want to always be thankful third graders!

Written by: Crystal Tadlock, third grade teacher
Posted: Dec 06, 2013 by Kerri Edwards

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